Project goal

Each time one of our athletes achieves a good result, our team scratches open one square on the scratch card to, gradually, reveal the picture underneath it. Once the picture is completely revealed, the project (the collaboration between the partners and athletes by means of a bonus system) will offer children with disabilities a unique chance to get up on their own feet and to possibly walk again.

On short term, our aim is to avoid medical complications for children with disabilities. In the long run, we hope to offer them the opportunity to start a new medical project.


Talent development from A to Z, aiming for the following goals:

  • An Olympic Games medal
  • A World, European and National Championship medal
  • Victories in Ironman triathlons

Why these 3 sports?

  • Triathlon a well-respected sports worldwide, which has given our country its ‘Sports Personality’ once and ‘Sports Man of the Year’-award twice.
  • Cyclocross - the most watched sports during winter season in Flanders.
  • BMX - a fast and cool Olympic discipline that gets a lot of attention from the younger generation.

The combination of these three sports generates visibility from January 1st until December 31st.