185 Coaching Center

The Athletes of the project receive all the training support they need at the 185 Coaching Center. In 2008, Marc founded the 185 Team, consisting of 3 athletes from his home town, Wuustwezel. Among them: Marten Van Riel, currently one of the world’s best and most promising triathletes. The goal of the team was to give young talented people the coaching and professional guidance they need to unlock their full athletic potential.

Today, the 185 Coaching Center offers a total package to these young athletes as they can rely on the support of several coaches, a sports nutritionist, osteopath, physiotherapist and mental coach. The Coaching Center offers the possibility for bikefitting, lactate testing and complete guidance from start to finish as well.

The Athletes for Hope project is only a small part of the 185 Coaching Center as the Center also offers full coaching programs for athletes from all levels - amateur to professional - and supports corporate health programs as well.